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Sniper Electric Grinder

Precision grinding: Equipped with 48mm conical 7 core that cuts with surgical precision. Whether you prefer brew or espresso, ensures the perfect grind every time.
The magnetic design: The lid, grinder chute, and dosing cup make easy to remove and clean the coffee power in the grinder chute, so you can enjoy your coffee with minimal hassle.
Accessories included:
Grinder, air blower, retro-style brush, power cord and plug.
Technical data:

Burr Size: 48mm conical 7 core 

Input Voltage: AC-200-240V 50-60Hz

Output Voltage:24V

Dimensions: 115x 120 x 295mm

Grind recommendation: Espresso 20-40 ; Filter 70-100

Weight: 2.7kg

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