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[ETA July] Profitec JUMP Espresso Machine



The JUMP is a compact and powerful heat exchanger machine that has a small footprint.

A convenient switch located underneath the machine allows for easy selection of three preset temperatures, as well as activation or deactivation of the preinfusion and ECO mode. The discreet display not only lets you monitor the selected settings but also shows the duration of the espresso extraction (shot counter) and alerts you when the water tank is empty.

With its black rail, brushed front and handcrafted American walnut handles, the JUMP has an exclusive look.

• Heat exchanger system
• Profitec brew group with stainless steel mushroom
• Display for indication:
- Shot counter
- Preinfusion ON/OFF
- ECO mode ON/OFF
- Temperature unit
- Empty water tank
• Multfunktion switch
- 3 PID controlled boiler temperatures selectable
- Preinfusion ON/OFF
- ECO-Modus ON/OFF
• Handles made of Amerikan walnut
• Adjustable expansion valve
• Dual gauge for boiler and pump pressure
• 1.6 l stainless steel boiler
• Stainless steel heating element
• Boiler insulation
• Low-Noise vibration pump
• 2.8 l water tank with built-in adapter
• Automatic low water volume shut-off
• Low-wear rotary valves
• High-quality steam and hot water wands
• Removable cup tray
• Bracket for the blind filter underneath drip tray
• Different colored valve disclets included
• Power usage
EU, UK, CH, AU: 230V/1400 W
US: 115 V/1400 W
• Weight 21.5 kg
• Dimensions (WxDxH):
228 x 448 x 372 mm without portafilter
228 x 558 x 372 mm with portafilter


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