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About Us

We offers a full range of F&B solutions from coffee & tea supplies, equipment and tools , to consultation, training and technical support. Whether you are running a F&B chain, café or home user, there will be an ideal one stop solution for you.


To become one of the leading coffee & tea supplier in Malaysia, offering gourmet coffee with excellent service and support to retain a good relationship with customers.


Continuous innovation and an obsession with the finest coffee remains the key to our heritage. Exceeding customers’ expectations is achieved through passionate staff and a dedication to reaching new standards. Along with good gourmet coffee, we aim to build lasting relationships with our customers and coffee lovers we meet.


  • We demonstrate a commitment to innovation and excellence in every aspect

  • We respect and care for our customers by offering the highest in quality

    products and services

  • We understand that our partnerships are based on integrity and trust

  • We respect and believe in our people, with continuous meticulous skill development programmes, charting a viable career path for our people

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